Our business branches


We are looking for people for managerial and executive positions, sales, in software development and testing, as well as for on-site and user support tasks in the IT sector. You can trust that your expertise will be assessed by a consultant experienced in the field. The consultant will find you a position whose requirements meet your profile. Once a match is found and all parties are satisfied with the result, we have succeeded in our task.


Are you interested in working in customer service, transportation, storage, or as a supervisor? Our logistics team is easy to approach. We genuinely care about the employee and his or her wishes. Not all vacancies are necessarily announced in public, but as a Barona job seeker, you are taken into consideration when these positions need to be filled.


Job opportunities for young and energetic construction assistants as well as for more experienced professionals, such as carpenters, bricklayers, painters, scaffolders, and steel fixers. We can offer you work based on your skills and wishes. Some of our workers only want short-term work, and some are willing to commit to a permanent job.

Health and social care

We are searching for health and social care professionals, such as nurses, dental nurses, and practical nurses. Our health and social sector is growing rapidly, and currently our clients all over Finland are turning to us for help in their increasing need for resources.


Benefit from our extensive connections with the largest companies in the industrial sector. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned master, you will obtain useful contacts and job opportunities with the employers in your field of expertise. Open positions are available for production workers, welders, supervisors, and designers, among others.

Office Services

Are you interested in positions in the areas of financial management, office support, customer service, sales, marketing, or HR management? We are an efficient and trustworthy partner when you are looking for work or new challenges and career opportunities.