Active and efficient recruitment for health and social care positions

We offer health and social care professionals according to your needs for short- and long-term work as well as on a permanent basis. By supplying the optimal employees, our resourcing can enable the continuity of care, and our clients can concentrate on their core competence.

A flexible way to obtain personnel

We can supply just the professional you need and you can avoid spending time on recruitment challenges. Use the employee supply service for, peak periods, night or weekend shifts, for example, and to fill substitute vacancies.

We can supply, for example, the following skilled personnel:

  • physician, dentist
  • practical nurse, nurse, ward manager, radiographer
  • service director, service manager, senior nurse
  • medical laboratory technologist, instrument technician
  • dental assistant, dental hygienist
  • ambulanceman, occupational health care nurse, registered nurse
  • nanny, and day nursery assistant.

Your personnel resourcing partner

We have served over 100 municipal and private sector organisations and units. Our core competence lies in operations in which the amount of work varies and a flexible personnel structure is required. Our recruitment consultants are highly experienced in both recruiting and the health and social care sector.
As an active partner, we will help you to implement flexible employment solutions. With our help, your organisation can develop and ensure a high-quality and efficient service for its customers.

Outsourcing service provides flexibility when needed

Our outsourcing services are a good solution for operations in which the workload varies or the personnel structure must be flexible as required. Our objective is to establish a long-term partnership in which we actively develop our services to meet the client's needs.

We provide our clients with a vast range of services, such as medical transcription, home care, and support services for social housing.