Long-term co-operation and professional personnel for the industrial sector

We provide a professional and reliable comprehensive service to help you in your personnel challenges. Our recruitment consultants have gained experience in various fields of the industrial sector, and they will find the right people quickly whether they are needed for production work or more challenging tasks that require solid professional skills.

We search for candidates by publicly announcing the position and by using our databases. We will also handle white-collar worker recruitment professionally and reliably. Maintaining and developing our client relationships to ensure long-term co-operation is our first priority. At the very beginning of co-operation, we appoint a dedicated contact person for each client, and this person is responsible for the co-operation and its development.

Specialised and experienced recruitment team

The consultants responsible for the industrial sector recruitment have a long track record of working in the industry. Most of them also have a technical educational background. Many of our consultants have worked at a supervisory and/or production manager level in many fields of the industrial sector. Thanks to our experience, finding a common language with our clients and employees is easy.

Competent labour from abroad

Our recruitment network is international. Since finding professional workers for certain occupational groups from Finland is difficult, we complement our supply of Finnish labour with competent employees from foreign countries, such as Russia, Ukraine, Poland, India, and the Baltic countries.

We take care of the whole integration process of our foreign employees into Finland. Our relocation service includes, for example, providing the necessary permits and housing. Moreover, we offer interpretation services to ease the beginning of the client-employee relationship. We actively support our employees as they adapt to Finland.

The foreign employees are hired by our Finnish company that ensures an open and reliable service entity for our clients. Our strong business area expertise is a key factor in providing individual and professional service for our client. We always verify each employee's professional competence and suitability for the new work community.

Recruiting white-collar workers for the industrial sector

Our recruiting services range from blue-collar workers to the highest white-collar positions in the industrial sector. Thanks to our vast contact network and competent recruiters, we will also find the right persons for the higher white-collar jobs. We are constantly recruiting engineers for our clients for different positions in the industrial sector, including supervisors, production managers, technical purchasers, and other white-collar workers.

Serving all branches of the industrial sector

We offer personnel resourcing and recruiting services to the following client branches:

  • metal and engineering industry
  • shipbuilding and offshore industry
  • electronics industry
  • food industry
  • plastics and chemical industry
  • mechanical wood processing industry
  • maintenance and service operations in the process industry.

Based on our expertise in the industrial sector, we also provide a wide range of engineering competence and the HumanWeld welder service.