Are you searching for a IT specialist, salesperson who knows the industry, IT manager, or software developer?

Barona has a dedicated IT recruitment unit. Dozens of personnel consultants who are familiar with the sector interview new candidates every day. Over the course of several years of work in the business, our consultants have gained vast expertise with the desired employee profiles and the employee market. 

We can find the best talent in the IT industry for you

Our efficient recruitment team will find you the best possible IT professional for your needs. Our tailored service includes dozens of tests to verify the applicant's competence. The competence of applicants is always assessed by a specialist from our IT team. We search for candidates by publicly announcing the position and also by searching for potential candidates in our database. This way we can also find those who are not actively seeking a job at the moment. We will find the best candidates for you, but you will have the final decision on which person you choose to recruit.

International labour is our strength

Contact us when you want to add international expertise to your team. The recruitment of foreign professionals to Finland is day-to-day business for us. We constantly supply talented IT professionals from countries like India. We can take care of all practical matters associated with foreign employees, from the required documents to accommodation.

We test the necessary skills

The tasks within the IT sector vary a lot, and therefore our test tools can be adapted for each case. We test each candidate using designated tests to assess whether the candidate is the right one for your needs. We can supply competent and motivated employees for various tasks: helpdesk specialists, on-site and remote support personnel, IT specialists, system specialists, server specialists, project managers, CIOs, consultants, software testers, and software developers (Object Oriented Programming, Composite Applications, Web 2.0, SOA and EDI, etc.).

Last year we enhanced our expertise further

Saranen Consulting joined our team and this strengthened our recruitment operations further. Due to the acquisition, Barona is now the biggest IT recruiting service provider in Finland. Saranen Consulting's service portfolio also includes recruitment training, outplacement, and ICT growth consulting. Read more about our new range of services!
To visit Saranen Consulting’s website, click here.

From back office tasks to core business

A company's business consists of different components, part of which are clearly core business of the company, and some include different back office tasks. By outsourcing these back office tasks, the company can concentrate only to the core business and this way increase its profitability and productivity. Outsourcing is also a good option when the recruitment of new employees is not desired or flexible additional resources are otherwise required.

Outsourcing the back office tasks to a service provider who is specialised in these operations is worthwhile especially if a back office task is not economic in the scale of one's own business, or providing the service is challenging or labour-intensive in some other way (for example, 24/7 HelpDesk operations). Taking care of the back office tasks of our vast pool of clients is our core business.

Personnel resourcing and knowledge management are our core areas of competence. Our ability to produce high-quality, flexible, and cost-effective service solutions for is based on our solid expertise in specialist recruitment and the management of personnel and expert pools. The core issue of our service production projects is to get the right people in the right place at the right time.

We produce the service in our own multi-tenant service centres using the systems and methods that are agreed in co-operation with the client. To measure and improve our service, we utilise different methods for monitoring the service performance and quality. We truly believe that we have new ideas for your business, too!