Solid experience and skills for the office sector

We are an efficient and trustworthy partner in all personnel-related issues that our clients may face. We will find suitable professionals for our clients' key positions quickly and easily. You will be served by a competent team with solid experience – we have interviewed thousands of people in the industry.

Flexible and reliable service

Our recruitment team for the office and service sector has versatile expertise in the sector. Thanks to our experience of almost 20 years, we can genuinely say that we have mastered the entire recruitment process and understand recruitment challenges. Our vast job seeker register, versatile search channels, national and international operations, and the high competence and business area expertise of our consultants ensure that we will find a suitable employee for every position. All this in a flexible and reliable way.

Our clients are always served by a client-specific contact person, and this contact person will keep the client constantly up-to-date on the progress of the recruitment process, and he/she is also responsible for developing co-operation with the client. We will establish long-term partnerships in which the contact person is familiar with the client company's needs and special characteristics. Through constant communication and monitoring client satisfaction we ensure that all parties are satisfied with the results.

Temporary resourcing and direct recruitment

We can provide our clients with added value through the long-term recruitment experience and in-depth business area expertise of our personnel consultants. We act as the client's partner for the entire recruitment process. The client will always make the final recruitment decision.

In addition to our temporary personnel resourcing service, we offer, for example, the Try & Hire service in which the person is always employed on a temporary basis at first, and which can be used as a transitional stage before actual recruitment. This service provides our client and employee with a risk-free way to get acquainted before establishing a permanent employment relationship.

Barona also offers a recruiting service for specialist and managerial positions. Our premise is to match the client company's needs and the employee's wishes and expectations. We recruit almost 500 people every year.

We supply professionals for the following segments, among others: 

  • financial management
  • office support
  • customer service
  • sales and marketing
  • HR management.

Expertise available also as services

We provide office and customer service operations from our service centers. There are hundreds of professionals from different sectors working in our service centers located around Finland. We serve companies by providing tasks that are not location-specific, such as basic office tasks: invoicing, order processing, and contract management.

From our service centers, we provide our clients with

  • order processing
  • invoicing
  • contract information scanning and updating
  • appointment services
  • customer service
  • transcription services.