New housing and accommodation solutions form Forenom

Forenom is a versatile company providing home-like accommodation services. Our selection includes furnished apartments, apartment hotels, and unfurnished apartments for longer-term accommodation. As the leading company in the industry in Finland, we want to be a pioneer in developing a new type of accommodation market in which flexibility and ease are the key elements of the service. On the contrary to the rigid provisions common in the housing markets, you can stay in our apartments for just the period you need and also pay for that period only. Moving into our furnished apartments is easy whether you come from the other side of Finland or the other side of the world.

Our range of apartments is divided into four service levels, which guarantees just the right type of apartment for your organisation's needs. Options for company housing include apartments shared by a number of people, normal detached houses, or luxury apartments with a full cleaning and linen service and Internet connection. The price of the housing is determined by the apartment's equipment and service level, and competitive prices are ensured by our efficient practices. The price includes all costs from furnishing to electricity and water. Our flexible service enables us to tailor just the housing to suit your company or organisation.

We understand that housing needs can vary widely. By making some improvements, we are strengthening our position as a more comprehensive service provider in the developing housing markets. For example, we can efficiently accommodate even our clients’ shortest visits at Forenom House in Oulu and at Forenom House Herttoniemi in Helsinki(the Herttoniemi property will be completed in September 2012). Moreover, we have equipped 300 of our apartments with code locks so that the resident can enter the apartment once he receives the key code to his mobile phone. Our service chain offers good options for very long-term accommodation as well. This is enabled by our efficient rental unit and our co-operation with VVO that started in spring 2011.

We also provide relocation services

Our relocation service is designed to ensure that your employees feel welcome in Finland and get all the information they need in order to easily adjust to the Finnish way of life. Our practical experience ensures that we focus on the issues that foreigners would normally have trouble with in Finland.

We will provide the employee with a fully furnished apartment and, if necessary, long-term rented accommodation. Depending on the employee's needs, the apartment can be, for example, a fully furnished luxury apartment with full cleaning service, a one- or two-room apartment, or an apartment shared by a number of people. If necessary, we can also arrange an unfurnished apartment for long-term accommodation. We will give guidance on everyday services in the neighbourhood, such as with public transportation, the local grocery shop, and library. If necessary, we accompany the employee when visiting the necessary authorities and help with filling in any forms. We familiarise the employee with the Finnish way of work and life.

The relocation service will benefit both the employee and employer. The employee can concentrate all of his/her energy on the new job, and the employer can focus on their core business without distraction. The relocation service can also be combined with international labour recruitment that is carried out in co-operation with the parent company, Barona.

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