Momentous – executive management search service

Momentous is an executive search company – we search for candidates to fill senior management, middle management, and executive board positions from Finland and abroad. We offer executive search services to client companies from different sectors, and we will find the best talented professionals for management positions regardless of whether your company is large, medium-sized, or maybe recently established.

Momentous focuses on quality, not quantity. Our consultants spend a lot of time utilising their knowledge and expertise in familiarising themselves with the internal dynamics of the client company. Our search process is faster but also more reliable and effective than that of many of our competitors, thanks to our unique and thoroughly tested technical solutions. Momentous searches, assesses, and recommends optimal candidates for managerial positions to enable the successful growth of our client companies.

In every assignment, we focus on individuals and decisions that aim at ideal suitability. We research all aspects thoroughly and openly – communication throughout the whole process is everything. Momentous' key principles are high integrity and confidentiality, and we strive to make strategically sound and sustainable decisions by trusting in our expertise and confidence. In our method of operation, the whole journey is important, not just the destination.

Momentous also provides advisory services which help client companies to boost their performance by streamlining their customer operations. All our operations are based on ethical principles, trust, and a genuine passion whose roots are in our recruitment expertise and knowledge.

Our key special features are:

  • Consultant encounters, assessments, dialogue, and partnerships
  • Establishing a clear business vision in co-operation with the client
  • Strategic goals in finding the best candidates and determining the characteristics
  • In-depth evaluation of candidates
  • Efficient and effective search processes combined with new technologies
  • High integrity and confidentiality